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The Importance Of Link Building Strategy

Planning Link Building Strategies can be difficult, but it is well worth the time and effort. Link building is an SEO strategy that can help your website rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) as it is part of their ranking factors. The significance of SEO, not only On-Pages but Off-Pages as well, is an important part of this strategy. Link building is a crucial component of SEO to get more traffic and generate leads for your business, as it can build credibility for your website from building links. Link building includes all of the external links to your website from other websites on the internet.

Link building strategies are crucial for any SEO campaign because they allow you to build relationships with high-authority sites on the web. In normal circumstances, link building is out of your hands. However, you can use some strategies from this article to build your link building to ensure your website ranks high on search results. This blog post will discuss how to plan linking strategies for your website!

Identify Important Metrics

The perfect starting point for your link building strategy is to know how to identify several metrics such as Domain Authority (DA), Traffic (TR), Referring Domain (RD). According to the metrics that SEO makes for estimating whether a website is rankable, the domain authority needs to be high and it can be implied how easy the particular website can rank.

A website with a high domain authority to be your backlink can positively impact your ranking performance. In addition, Traffic or Organic Traffic or TR is the metric that stands for counting the number of visitors who clicked through to your website and took time with your content. Traffic is also important to be considered as it can affect the website's performance. The more visitors from other websites that your site gets, the higher the possibility of having a high rank on the Google search results page (SERP). Referring Domain or RD, are the number of strengths of a website's backlink profile. If it's a high number, it means there are many external websites that direct visitors to your site and therefore you will likely get a high ranking on search engines. The logic behind this link building strategy is quite simple. Let's assume that your website is an applicant who wants to apply for a management role, to succeed and stand out in the competition, an applicant may need a reference from a high authority person, which is the backlink.

The more trustworthy this reference is, the higher the chance of the application's success. In the case of the website's backlink, this will be a significant improvement on your ranking performance. Link building strategy will not work if you do not know about these metrics.

The Relevance Of Backlinks To Your Website

high quality links that relevant to your niche

Aside from picking high-quality metrics, you might need to think that the links you use to reinforce your web page should be related to your product or services. For example, you have a special day with your loved one and you would like to have a great dinner together, then you read a review or blog on a website. Typically, users tend to find a review or information related to the products or services you are trying to find. In this case, you will probably read the content placed on the food website or restaurant website which gives a sense of credibility to the customers. You can trust that your special dinner with your partner will be excellent.

The SEO part is the same as in real life. Algorithms will analyze the relevant website and backlinks that are related in the same industry. It wouldn't expect an environment blog to link to the wedding site from a search engine perspective. An algorithm simply has an assumption that relevant websites should provide the most present experience to the internet user no matter if they are looking for a product or service. This is why search engines such as Google will give more value on the relevancy of the backlink than the number of links. Therefore, I would like to emphasize how important it is to focus on this aspect.

The Uniqueness Of The Content

Inbound links bring back traffic to your website

“Content is king” is not an overstate statement at all, even in digital marketing, and especially in link building. Content is considered to be important to the SEO campaign, not just on on-page elements. You may wonder why this really matters to your link building campaign or link building strategies, well one of the most common techniques that link builders tend to use is guest postings.

A Link builder will try to build a strong relationship with different publishers, site owners and influencers who run websites on their niche in order to publish our content as a guest post. Link builders might use guest blogging as one of the link building tactics because it is important for them not to get penalized by Google for possible high duplicate content. They also want their content or website to be recognized as an authority site in a specific field which will link back to your website. While you’re starting, even before you write, publish and promote your content, it would be best if you were concerned about duplicate content. If you publish duplicate content or have some plagiarism from other websites, it may provide a negative effect instead of boosting the website. Link builders should have the ability to identify duplicate content and avoid it! A backlinks strategy is very helpful for SEO and you need to be careful about your website link profile because Google will not rank websites that are related with spammy or poor quality links. This is important to note that you have to make sure that you are crafting quality content as Google standards are expecting this content to give value to internet users or readers the most on designated sites.

Technical Matters Too

guest blogging and blog posts

Backlinks are not just about posting quality content on a publisher website, it involves some technical aspects as well. We are highly recommended to consider technical implementation as one of the link building strategies as well.

Link builders should remember the following:
  • They need to use the same anchor text of the content and know that there is an error in using similar backlinks or anchors because it will be considered as spamming and low quality links instead of good quality ones.
  • They need to make sure to use their unique keywords, either on URL or page title or on the body of the text.
  • Link builders should make sure to not overdo anchor text, just because you build links and expect this post to link to your website
  • Lastly, we don't want too much “keyword stuffing” in our page content as well.

Apart from exercising your anchor text, broken links are also important as well. Imagine you put so much effort into writing quality content, then post it on a designated website, but eventually this website becomes not found or has a broken link (404). This is considered crucial as it has provided no benefit to our website since these backlinks are worthless. When you get links live (articles published) you have to make sure that it is constantly live and not have any technical issue on this blog post on a publisher's website. Lastly, anchor text that links to your content or landing page, you have to make sure that it is a follow link or dofollow. The reason behind this is dofollow is a html code to inform search engines that the publisher's website is willing to pass link value to our website. For example, so many website owners or publishers are not willing to pass link value to the website and implement "nofollow" instead. Nofollow only passes traffic and user activity to the site but not link value or page authority to the website. As we have stated earlier, metrics are a main component here, especially domain rating and domain authority.

Everything Comes Together

referring domains that links to your site

At this point, you may have some idea on getting links to your website as your backlinks and strategies. But are you wondering why the concept of backlinks is similar to sharing a post on social media? Well, you are quite right as the content of backlinks are influenced by social media marketing and sharing at some level. I will give you an example of the comparison between features on social media and link building.

In a social media world such as Facebook, we tend to share some article or post that you think is beneficial to you and your network. Meanwhile, your guest posting is treated as a shared article by a website's owner or publisher's website who think that these contents are giving the benefit and value to the reader and internet user or your target audience.

Link Building Strategies are not just publishing content on a blog of a publisher's website and spamming with your anchor text and providing low quality content, or writing content that has unlinked mentions anywhere on the post.

If you follow our basic tips on backlink strategies, you should be able to get the most of it! Make sure you treat your resource page or your publisher's website well and follow Google guidelines to avoid penalties and get unfavored from it. Remember that if you create your connection well, many publishers or website owners will eventually want to link their website to you! If you think that planning a backlink strategy will be time consuming and complex, let our specialists at Move Ahead Media help you, from the planning to finding the right backlinks for your specific niche. Simply contact us today to start your SEO journey!

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