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If you want to create a successful online business, or expand your company by trading on the web, you need to utilise as many digital marketing channels as possible, and email marketing is one of the most effective. Some studies suggest that the average millennial spends several hours per day checking their emails, and it’s not just the younger generations that are addicted to refreshing their inboxes. Given that people check their email while at work, watching TV, speaking on the phone, going to the toilet and even driving, you need to incorporate email marketing into your multi-channel digital strategy.

However, while email marketing can be an effective way to reach thousands or even millions of your potential customers, you need to remember that some people can be put off by what they perceive as spam. You should also avoid bombarding your subscribers or leads with emails if you don’t want your marketing messages to be ignored. Sometimes, less is better when it comes to email marketing, which is why you must research your target market in-depth when developing and executing your email strategy. Fortunately, there’s no need to research the art of email marketing for months when our experts can do the hard work for you while guaranteeing a return on investment.


Email Marketing Tips from the Experts

At Move Ahead Media, we’re a holistic digital marketing agency that knows how to utilise the web to take your company to new heights. We also know how to use the latest tools, such as Mailchimp, to maximise efficiency and keep our overheads to a minimum without sacrificing on the quality of our services, and we pass our savings onto you. Mailchimp is one example of a company that’s transformed the world of email marketing while making things more straightforward for marketers. However, to get the most from your marketing budget, you need to know how to utilise Mailchimp to its full strengths.


With the help of our agency based digital advertising experts, you can:

Our professionals can obtain data on your target market in order to build an email database that you can use to reach potential customers. However, by attracting your own email subscribers through blogging and posting on social media, you can generate a list of leads that are highly likely to convert into paying customers. We can use Mailchimp to send monthly emails to your subscribers automatically, establishing trust in your company while building brand awareness.
An email blast is a single email that you send to a large number of recipients, making them useful for promoting new products or services as well as special offers. Because you only need to create a single email to reach thousands of people, email blast strategies can be highly cost-effective. However, it’s often much better to develop emails for individual customer segments. Fortunately, Mailchimp has features that allow you to do just that.
Our agency experts have the required training, knowledge and skills to perform in-depth research on your potential customers. We can segment your potential customers into specific groups so that we can create highly targeted emails that are almost guaranteed to result in a high conversion rate. We’ll get to know your customers’ needs and desires so that we can develop email campaigns that will help you grow your company significantly.
Last but not least – we can use Mailchimp to find out how your readers react to your emails. Do people simply skip by them? Do they follow links? If people are unsubscribing from your email database, what’s the problem? Monitoring the performance of your email marketing campaigns is essential. Fortunately, you don’t need to burden yourself with the task because we can do it for you. We’ll also optimise your campaigns to help you gain the upper hand over the competition.

Understanding how to make the most out of the advanced features of Mailchimp is only half the battle when it comes to creating an email marketing strategy. You also need to think about how to capture the attention of your readers at every stage of the buyer’s journey so that you can optimise your lead nurturing strategy. At Move Ahead Media, we’re an email marketing agency that knows how to nurture your leads so that your email campaigns result in long-term benefits for your business. If you want to know more about lead nurturing, attracting subscribers, creating email blasts, or the benefits of our email marketing services, we’d love to hear from you.

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Email marketing might seem like a simple way to communicate with your customers on the surface but understanding the intricacies of developing a successful long-term campaign can be challenging. While it’s important to remain in touch with your subscribers so that you can build brand awareness and maintain trust in your company, you don’t want to bombard your readers with irrelevant information – doing so could do more harm than good to your company.

If you’d rather avoid taking any risks with regards to the future of your business, you should consider leaving technical marketing tasks to a team of professionals with a proven track record of success. At Move Ahead Media, we’ve provided email marketing services to Thailand, UK and Australian businesses for many years. Whether you want to improve your conversion rate, find new leads, optimise your campaigns or create targeted blasts, we can help you regardless of your budget.

As an experienced digital advertising agency, we know that email marketing should just be one core element of your overall online marketing strategy. Fortunately, email marketing is just one of our specialities. We also offer services such as social media advertising, PPC, SEO, content marketing, retargeting and much more. If you’d like to find out how we can create a comprehensive strategy with guaranteed results for your company, we encourage you to book a consultation with our experts.


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