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How To Create Facebook Ads: A Beginners Guide

facebook ads guide(facebook advertising guide)

If you are looking to advertise on social media, then this guide is perfect for beginners. It's easy to follow and has simple steps that anyone can use!

In this article, we will go over the in and outs of Facebook Ads in detail so that even beginners can understand them. In order to advertise on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, you need an account before anything else! It's important for newbies just starting out with these ad networks because it helps clarify things such as targeting options & audience demographics which are key when creating effective ad campaigns.

What Are Facebook Ads & Can They Help Your Business?

Facebook ads are a great way to reach your customers! They're also easy and affordable. For example, you can target anyone who has an account or recently logged into their profile so they'll see related posts in addition to the paid advertising messages on top of it all - sounds pretty awesome right? You might be wondering what kind of things should go into these ad campaigns; well there's no need to worry because we've got everything covered here at Social Media Marketing World.

The short answer is yes. These posts appear in users' newsfeeds which gives them an opportunity to interact with you directly without being too interruptive or distracting from their daily activity - especially if the ad appears on one of those "top" status updates where people scroll down looking at other friends' witty reactions about that cute animal video someone shared last night! You'll want something eye-catching enough so it stands out among others nearby but not overbearing either way.

What Are The Benefits Of Creating Facebook Ads?

  • Accurately target customersFacebook has tons of data on its users and allows marketers to use it when targeting their audiences. But the real differentiator for them in advertising is lifestyle-based targeted options, like interests or activities that they know a lot about already because you chose them yourself.
    • Interests
    • Behaviours
    • Major life events
    • Spoken languages
    • Political affiliation
    • Education and job history
    • Income
  • Get powerful results The key to getting more sales on Facebook is using Ads Manager. It's easy and fast when you know how! With a 2021 survey of US retailers showing that 41% see their greatest ROAS from Facebook Ads, it's no wonder so many businesses are using this platform. It only takes one click to set up an ad and you can be confident in knowing your hard work will pay off with high conversion rates for years after launch!
  • Facebook and Instagram reach billions When Facebook bought Instagram, it was clear that the company would be able to take advantage of its powerful social media platform. The integration between these two networks makes advertising on them even more effective and valuable for businesses looking at expanding their reach online
  • Track ad performance in real-time Meta's Facebook Analytics platform is great for understanding how you're performing with ads. You can access metrics like reach, engagement, and conversion rates from a variety of sources all in one place- making it easy to see what needs improvement or change on the fly! Your business should take advantage by checking out meta’s full suite addition including ad performance reports that provide valuable data points so adjust campaigns accordingly.

The ability to track user behaviour and create specific target audiences for future Facebook advertising campaigns is one major benefit of the current analytics offered by this platform. Many content management platforms make it easy, such as Google Analytics or Bing Ads; however, they do not offer more insightful information than what's already present on your website (e..g., how many people clicked through after seeing an ad).

Mobile or Computer

Facebook Ads Mobile Device VS Computer Device

Which is better for Facebook Ads? Mobile or Computer. There are many reasons why you might want to use a different device, like if your phone doesn't have access to internet safety features and can be used as an extra monitor on the desktop while running ad campaigns from there too!

But if I suggest that you want to do. should choose the computer because of its power and ability in advertising through Facebook Ads Manager when compared with running ads on your phone which may affect accuracy, cost or goals set. It's important for anyone who wants their marketing campaign seen by many people online needs all possible assistance from start to finish so this will give them just what they're looking for!

Difference Between Boost Post & Facebook Ads Manager (Facebook Ad)

With Boost Post, you can set up ad campaigns to promote your products and services. You decide when they'll end in order for it be most effective! This is different from Facebook Ads Manager because with that platform there are many steps involved before being able to create an advertisement campaign- but thankfully we have the solution which makes everything easier by taking care of all those tedious tasks so just sit back while our tool does its job at creating great converting ads automatically every time.

Hitting Boot Post is easy, but launching ads through Facebook Ads requires more work. You can hit the boost post to make things easier on yourself in terms of ease of use; however, if you want a detailed target audience and goal setting then it's best not too!

How To Set Up A Facebook Ad Campaign - A Step By Step Guide

Before you start advertising, it's important to think about why and what goals are worth achieving with ads. Determining your personal measurements of success will help when deciding which ad objective works best for the needs in question!

You should always think about what success means to you before creating a campaign. For example, if your business goal is to increase downloads of the mobile app through Facebook Ads and 500 people install it in one month then they’ve achieved their desired result! On top of this impressive statistic being great form data for marketers looking at conversion rates etc., there's also an opportunity cost: because only 100 users downloaded our application instead another 500 wouldn't have been interested enough without marketing efforts behind them.

Step 1. Create An Ad Account

When you sign up for Facebook, the social media site gives your personal ad account an ID by default. You can see this number in Ads Manager and look at its upper left corner where it says “ID” or something similar to that. In order to use Facebook Ads Manager, you need a verified payment method and:

If you do not have a Page for your business, you can follow Facebook’s steps to set one up. Any Page you create will be automatically given an ad account.

If there is a Page you wish to advertise for that was created by someone else, you need to ask the Page admin to assign you an admin, editor, or advertiser role on the Page.

You can create a new ad account for your Page by signing up with the Business Manager.

A business manager will be able to help you get the most out of advertising on Facebook, including setting up an ads campaign and monitoring its performance in real-time - all while staying within budget!

Step 2. Head Over To Facebook Ads Manager

The easiest way to find Facebook Ads Manager is to click and bookmark this direct link. The process of running an ad campaign through Facebook’s Ads Manager tool is easy to follow and can be done on either your desktop or laptop computer.

03-Facebook beginners guide

To navigate to Ads Manager right from your business page, head to the left sidebar and click on the “Ad Center” drop-down arrow of any Facebook page, then choose “All Ads” from the drop-down. At the bottom of that page, there is an option to click “Ads Manager.”

04-Facebook beginners guide

05-Facebook beginners guide

You’ll be brought to your Facebook Ad Accounts page, where you can see a quick overview of all the ad accounts that are currently associated with your profile. If it's not already selected from this list click on "more" for accessing individual settings and preferences related specifically to running ads via mobile devices or desktop computers respectively!, there is a Facebook Ads Manager app available for Apple and Android.

06-Facebook beginners guide

Step 3. Choose Your Objective

Get started with your first ad, click the green ‘Create’ button.

07-Facebook beginners guide

Facebook will take you to a page where you will be prompted to choose a campaign objective.

08-Facebook beginners guide

You have many different ways of approaching an ad campaign based on what you wish to achieve. These ways fall within 6 type categories of benefits:

Your campaign objective is the business goal you hope to achieve by running your ads. Hover over each one for more information.
  • Awareness Show your ads to people who are most likely to remember them. Good for:
    • Reach
    • Brand awareness
    • Video views
  • Traffic Send people to a destination, like your website, app or Facebook event. Good for:
    • Link clicks
    • Landing page views
  • Engagement Get more messages, video views, post engagement, Page likes or event responses. Good for:
    • Massages
    • Video Views
    • Post engagement
  • Leads Collect leads for your business or brand. Good For:
    • Instant forms
    • Messages
    • Calls
    • Sign-ups
  • App Promotion Find new people to install your app and continue using it. Good for:
    • App installs
    • App Events
  • Sales Find people likely to purchase your product or service. Good for
    • Conversion
    • Catalog sales
    • Messages

Now that you’ve selected your marketing objective, it's time to name this new campaign. Make sure the name is something everyone working on ads can recognize so they know what kind of ad or promotion their work falls under!

new Facebook ad campaign

Step 4: Set Your Campaign Budget

You’ve set your budget and now it is time to choose how much you would like to spend on ads. You can either do this per day or as the total amount for the campaign.

  • The daily budget sets a limit on what you spend each day on your ads. Facebook will use the criteria set in order to find the right place and time of showing these advertisements so that they can reach out to potential customers who are most likely going through their shopping lists at this moment!
Daily budget
  • Lifetime budgets are a great way to make sure you don't overspend. Facebook offers lifetime campaigns, where the maximum spend per day is determined by your ad network and lasts until one date in time has passed or all funds have been used up - whichever comes first!
Lifetime Budget

Step 5: Customise Your Target Audience

Because it determines who Facebook will show your ad to, a strategically defined audience is crucial for the success of your Facebook Ads campaigns. As mentioned earlier, the audience for your ad can be customized based on all the following demographics:

12-Facebook beginners guide
  • Location: Targeting specific countries and regions is a great way to increase the profitability of your campaigns. Simply start typing in any country that you want on the list, then click “Add” when finished!
  • Gender: You can choose whether or not you want your ad to be targeted at a specific gender. If the product being sold is specifically for one sex, this option helps avoid wasting money on targeting people in another category who might not care about what’s being offered!
  • Age: Select the minimum and maximum age of the target audience.
  • Behaviours, Interests: Fine-tune your target audience by choosing demographics, interests and behaviours. When you click on the edit button, you will be able to start searching for specific details
  • Languages: By selecting the language you want to appear only in your ad, Facebook will show it only if people speak that particular dialect. If unsure about this option just leave it at default so everyone can see ads!

In addition, with the Connections setting, you can choose advanced targeting, which lets you include or exclude people who are connected to certain pages, apps, or events. You can also further customize your targeting using custom audiences for retargeting people who have already interacted with your business.

For example, let’s choose an audience for a Fastfood ad. Facebook recommends narrowing your reach in a targeted way in order to maximize the impact of your ad.

We going up For this example, choose the following audience demographics:

13-Facebook beginners guide

This gave us an Estimated audience size: 21,600,000 - 25,400,000 people are how many we could expect to be online any given day and potentially see our ad.

Step 6: Choose Your Ad Placements

Ad placement defines where your ad appears for your target audience. Based on your objective, you may choose to show your ad on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or the Audience Network.

14-Facebook beginners guide

15-Facebook beginners guide

16-Facebook beginners guide

For more, check out Facebook’s guide to ad placement. Click here.

Step 7: Create Your Advertisement

Now that you have a rough idea of what to do, it’s time for the real deal. You can either use an existing ad or start from scratch!

Using an existing post

Boosted posts are an incredible way to get your message in front of the people who need it most. You can create a boosted post using one that's already on the Facebook page, just select ‘Use Existing Post' and click "Select post" to pick which Page or Group you want this ad for!

17-Facebook beginners guide
Creating a new ad

If you want to start from scratch, the first step is selecting a Facebook ad format. You've probably seen all of these different options on your personal feed but they will vary depending on what objective.

18-Facebook beginners guide

Facebook has eight ad formats learn more, and it will recommend one or more to you based on your campaign objective.

Photo ads: A single image is enough to make an impact on consumers, which makes photo ads a great choice for advertising. You can use these simple ad types and placements in any number of ways - they're not limited by what you see here!

Facebook’s specs for photo ads
19-Facebook beginners guide

Video Ads: Video ads are a great way to get your product or service in front of people. The news feed has moving images, so this type of advertising will stand out more than other forms on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter!

Facebook’s specs for video ads
video ad

Carousel Ads: Showcasing up to 10 videos or images in one single ad, these are good to promote multiple products or services, each with its own link.

Facebook specs for carousel ads
carousel ad spec

Slideshow Ads are perfect for people who don’t have the time or expertise to make videos. These ad formats take several images and turn them into a quick slideshow, giving you more room in your budget!

Messenger ads are the most effective way to reach your target audience with Meta’s Messenger app.

Collection Ads are the perfect way to show off all your favourite items at once. This format is also mobile-only and allows users to explore for products, so you can shop in style no matter where life takes them!

Facebook specs for collection ads
22-Facebook beginners guide

Stories ads: There are no limits to the creativity of these ads, which pop up when someone is watching Facebook stories or Instagram videos. With so much freedom it's hard not to have an idea!

Playable Ads: These ads allow potential users to try an app before they buy it.

The final step in creating a successful ad is to add visuals and copy. To make people stop scrolling, you want your image or text enticing enough so they click on it!

Step 8: How Ads Get Approved

Now that you have successfully created your ad, it's important to go back and double-check whether all of the steps were completed correctly. Once they are finished as we want them - publish! It may take 5 minutes or 1 day before Facebook will approve our account data; however, once approved there should not be any problems with running an effective advertisement on their platform since accuracy matters most in targeting potential customers who are searching online via search engines such as Google Adwords (for example).

Get Strategic With Your Facebook Ads

Now that you’ve nailed the basics of how to create a Facebook ad, you can start experimenting to see what works best for your audience.

For each of the steps above, it’s helpful to pause and think back to your goals. Make sure everything you are defining and creating is in line with your own measure of success. Not sure what your audience wants to see? No problem. Facebook has plenty of tools for A/B split testing, so you can compare ads side by side to find out what works. Get creative and make sure to monitor the performance of your ads so you can change things when necessary.

To get the most out of Facebook marketing, you may need months or even years of training to become truly proficient. You have to analyze various information, check the performance of your campaigns, test different marketing styles, and so much more. Speaking of which, actually running and managing a Facebook marketing campaign can be a busy task when you don't have enough free time to learn the intricacies of advertising on Facebook.

Can you create a campaign that is more effective than your competitors?

Do you have enough time to devote to Facebook advertising in addition to organizing your company's affairs?


Lastly, don’t forget, that Move Ahead Media has a dedicated team ready to help you turn your business into the perfect business. – we offer Facebook Audits for FREE! Let us go through your digital marketing and Facebook advertising strategy and see which areas we can improve on. After which, you can set up a consultation call with our experienced team of digital marketing experts to discuss it further. Don’t wait for the competition to move ahead, contact us today!


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