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What do you think is the ultimate goal of your website? Is it just to promote your brand? Enlighten your customers with your content? In the world of digital marketing, a great website and landing page design is a core online tool dedicated to convert traffic into something valuable and to help with your analytics conversion rate goals. But selling your potential clients short of quality content can result to failure, too. So what can you do to make sure that each party gets what they want? We carry a wealth of experience under our belt in working with hundreds of clients to design web sites and corporate branding to maximise conversion rates from successful internet marketing. But for now, let us tackle in this article the importance of balance when it comes to your landing page design and your CRO marketing strategy.

This article will mainly discuss how to revamp your landing page in a way that supports your conversion goals.


Is a landing page really all that important?

Most online marketers describe landing pages as a sales tactic that is focused on getting people to take one, specific action when they follow a link either from your search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing (SMM) efforts. Instead of ending up on a general homepage, landing pages make it very clear and specific what the audience is going to get from a page they were led to and how to get it. Apparent with the conversion results, landing pages have become a crucial element in the marketing toolbox for every business that you can think of.

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Does Landing Page = Higher Conversion?

This should be the case if your landing page design is optimised well enough that it leads your audience to consume your content and proceed to checkout immediately. But this is not always the case. There are several factors that come into play for the effectiveness of a landing page. Often laid out in a collection of images, buttons, paragraphs, and forms, a great conversion rate lies within expediting the process in the simplest way possible is what a landing page is supposed to do.

But creating an effective landing page isn’t the same as fashioning a successful email newsletter, SEM and SMM advertisement, or a main website. There are certain guidelines you ought to observe in order to maximise its functions and lead to successful conversion rates.


Doing a CRO and how it can lead to the attainment of your website’s goals

You might be wondering, what kinds of conversion are there? Unlike popular knowledge, conversion doesn’t necessarily have to be in the form of a purchase. To put it simply, conversion is when the traffic from your effective SEO, paid search, social or content strategy gets transformed into something you hold of value. This conversion can either be:

  • an email sign-up
  • the creation of an account
  • the completion of a survey
  • an app download
  • other similar forms of client interaction

This means a conversion is the successful completion of the kind of interaction you want with a potential client. The one that reveals the percentage of your website’s total traffic and success in completing the specific goals you have set is called the Conversion Rate (CR).

What is involved in a CRO Conversion Audit?

It is only logical to design a website from your customers’ shoes, right? Right. And this is exactly the simplified goal of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) conversion audit. Otherwise called as a website review, strengthening your CR by pinpointing areas where improvements should be made is the goal of a conversion audit. A good CRO audit checklist consist of checking the efficiency of following:

  • page design and layout
  • search engine optimisation efforts
  • social media optimisation
  • checkout process
  • quality content

Arriving from various different points, and with a wide range of experiences, your potential clients will want to be presented with the content they came to your site for. We at Move Ahead Media can function as conversion audit professionals who can analyse your website to take all of these possible routes into consideration for your CR increase.

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Get your Digital Marketing Strategy Audit with
an Experienced Digital Strategist.

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