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Move Ahead Media builds on the collective experience of over 10 years of providing exceptional digital marketing services for companies around the globe. We bring commitment, trust and confidence which enable us to have an enviable client retention record. Read the following client reviews and clients testimonials to get our clients’ view of our quality:


I cannot overemphasise how thrilled I am with the work that the team at Move Ahead Media have done for my small business and how easy and comfortable the relationship has been. I could leave the review here but it wouldn't do justice to the patience and efficiency I have experienced from them throughout this project. Let me explain... I had some outsourced work done in January of this year (2020) by my regular IT Company. Unfortunately, negligence caused many website pages to disappear. These days, hard work and effort just cannot overcome the problems caused by a lack of website exposure... It's like blowing up your shop front!
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As the year progressed, the business was teetering on the knife-edge of oblivion and COVID-19 just made the situation direr. When the Move Ahead team completed their audit of the website... voila! There were all the myriad problems exposed... Within days the team set about fixing them... My campaign manager - ever the one to share good news and keep me engaged - emailed and phoned to say that as a result of the work they had done in fixing all the errors, the pages had already started to climb in the rankings. The report I received highlighted just how many pages had started to climb. And this is just the start. I truly believe that if Move Ahead Media hadn't persevered and nurtured me as a prospect and developed trust sufficiently to convince me to proceed with the work, I would be out of business. So a heartfelt thank you, you have done everything you promised. Get onboard people... they'll save your business as they did mine. Lesley Morgan-Wesson, Owner


We have been working with Move Ahead Media for the past 3 years, and during this time I have always been impressed by the dedication, innovation from an account management perspective and importantly results achieved. Overall it is clear, we have seen a solid improvement in our SEO rankings since the beginning of our contract working with them. I am very satisfied with the work undertaken by the team from the very beginning until now, communication is key, along with transparency with SEO and this is what we have got from the very beginning.
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Even throughout the COVID period, Move Ahead Media were very empathic regarding our needs and the problems we faced and we have continued to work together and remain open during these difficult times. 2019 was a great year with us, with over 25% increase in organic website visitors from the previous year, and I believe largely due to what we identified as critical keywords being in the top 1-5 of Google and remaining there. Our revenue through the microsite was also up 300% from 2018 Vs 2019. I would like to thank Move Ahead Media for their constant hard work, advice, and knowledge and would certainly not hesitate to recommend them not only to hospitality but in any businesses looking for a partner in this area Benjamin Krieg Cluster General Manager


Move ahead Media have been on the ball from the get go!

As a busy mother of three and wearing many hats including the accounts, marketing, member liaison and HR department of our family run health & wellness centre having James from Move ahead Media come in and take control of what they do best has been a godsend.

James has been readily available on both email and phone and has provided in depth reports but also Mum friendly break downs of what we need as a business to grow and hit our targets. It has been refreshing to work with a team that are passionate about helping you achieve your business goals.

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We look forward to kicking more goals together.

Mika Ucchino
Owner, The Athletic Buddha.


More than the constant improvements in rankings and visibility for our brand and website, what I love the most about working with Move Ahead Media is their constant support and pedagogic approach when it comes to explaining or advising on what our company’s next steps should be.
I have had the support of their team all the way through the building of our new website and the setting up of new SEO and advertisement methods, and I can say with confidence that they played a massive part in the reshaping of our company.
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We do know the importance of digital marketing in our company’s strategy, and Move Ahead Media has understood it and helps us all the way to get to create this strategy and grow.

Sarah Darmon
Marketing Manager

Novotel Phuket Vintage Park

After signing with Move Ahead Media , I met our campaign Manager and things were much easier and went much more smoothly. The results also start to appear really quickly and the support of the MAM team is super-fast.
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Communication is much easier than with any other company. Knowledge, attention to detail and the needs of their client are some of the key points that make MAM the perfect choice for any digital needs. Thanks, MAM! Novotel Phuket Vintage Park


I have been with Move Ahead Media for 2 and 1/2 years now and I am very pleased to work with them. Since starting out with MAM, my company has grown and expanded into multiple locations and quadrupled in size. I contribute a large part of that growth to the work that Move Ahead has done keeping me on page 1 of google searches.
As my business evolved, Move Ahead Media has been there each step of the way altering and expanding our strategy and always delivering. As well as SEO work, they have built me a new website that is optimised for SEO, they have helped with google ad campaigns and marketing funnel landing pages.
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I get fortnightly reports from them which I find invaluable in tracking how we are going, but more importantly, my account manager is always available to help. The service I get from them is so good, I have tried a few other companies but I stick with Move Ahead Media for the service, the communication and the results.
Shane Roenne


We have been clients of Move Ahead Media for several years now and are very happy with the results. We have always found them to be diligent with reporting and achieving results, transparent with their communication and very responsive to requests and questions. We have worked with many web/SEO companies in the past and Move Ahead Media would be our first recommendation. Thank you!

Clare Capponi, Communications Manager


We have been working with Move Ahead Media for several months now and they have been terrific. Before we started our campaign they sat down with us and went through the details to make sure everything was clear.

Once the campaign started we were in regular contact and made adjustments as necessary. They listened to our input and patiently answered every question we had. The campaign is running smoothly and we are getting leads as promised.

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The entire staff is professional and courteous. On a personal note, our campaign manager has been exceptionally helpful. He responds to emails, messages and phone calls faster than anyone I have ever worked with. He has actually motivated me to respond quicker to clients I work with.

Jesse, Marketing

Bangkok School of Management

We started to use MAM in June 2018 after many years of trying with other companies. We have witnessed real improvements of our online premise with the strategies and campaigns initiated by MAM. We would highly recommend MAM and you will be surprised how powerful digital marketing can be.
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Tina Yang
Head, Admissions & Counseling
Deputy Managing Director
Bangkok School of Management


I have had the pleasure of working with Move Ahead Media over the last 3 years. They have taken us from relative obscurity digital footprint wise to absolutely DOMINATING Google for all our desired SERP terms we targeted. In addition to our SEO they have done a magnificent job handling our content creation and Facebook campaigns. I would have absolutely zero concerns in recommending them to any prospective people looking to outsourcing their Digital Marketing needs.
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In addition to results, which is what campaigns should be determined on, they have been nothing short of a pleasure to work with in terms of campaign management and understanding our needs and working within our budget constraints. A 5star experience all around. Anyone who wishes to speak to me for a first hand account of our experience is welcome to get in contact with me!

Jamie Connell
Director of Client Relations


I highly recommend James at Move Ahead Media. He is very pleasant to deal with and is always available to answer my queries and return my calls timely. Their teams works hard to deliver on all promises. Move Ahead Media now handle my hosting and Sound Ideas Productions has moved from page 8 to page 1 and number 1 on my main key search criteria! Get James onboard you won’t be disappointed.

Wayne McKelvie
Sound Ideas Productions Pty Ltd

Ballooning Network

I worked with MAM since 2020 in that time they transformed our use of google, they are exceptionally professional and the regular meetings and communication enabled us to optimise our sales campaigns. I would recommend them to anybody who uses google as a means of marketing, they will take the pain out of all those statistics, within weeks of MAM taking over our adwords we noticed an increase in performance, their constant review was always to maximum results and benefits. A sincere thank you to everyone involved in our account. Gabrielle Clarke, Finance Manager
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