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Move Ahead Media’s web hosting allows companies to serve web pages on the Internet. We offer various hosting plans and packages that are tailored to the needs of the website.

For example, sites targeting American customers would best be hosted on a server in the United States. A site targeting users in North America and Asia, on the other hand, would best be served with a hosting location from the west coast of the United States (from there’ it’s just one hop to Asia, versus two hops from the central US).

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Here is a broad breakdown of the key factors to keep in mind when planning to purchase the right hosting environment for your website’s needs:

Types of web hosting

Move Ahead Media offers various hosting packages, based on customer requirements.

  • Shared hosting: in this configuration, a number of different websites share the disk space and bandwidth of a single server. Shared services are the cheapest option, but also the slowest, with fewer software and configuration options. This is the best choice for startup and low-traffic websites.
  • Dedicated hosting: a dedicated server only hosts sites and serves resources for one particular owner. Dedicated servers are faster with higher bandwidth limits, but are much more complicated to maintain. Dedicated servers are the right choice for websites that consume lots of system resources, or perhaps need more layers of security.
  • Collocated hosting: in this configuration, a client buys their own server and then houses it at a data centre’s facilities. This allows the greatest level of control and customisation, but is generally only needed for enterprise class applications.

Hosting plan features

The basic features of Move Ahead Media hosting plans include the following:

  1. Disk space: each client account gets a certain amount of disk space to store their files. Typically, WordPress sites clock in at around 60mb (for simple websites) to 500mb (for larger, more complex sites).
  2. Email accounts: cheaper shared server packages generally come with a limited number of email accounts, while the other options have no limits. POP3 accounts work like traditional inboxes, in which data is stored on the server for users to access (via username and password). All Move Ahead Media email accounts also come with forwarding options that will keep data off of our servers and wholly within the machines of individual users.
  3. FTP access: after creating web pages, it is essential to have a means to access and modify those files. Move Ahead Media server packages come with full FTP access, to allow the transfer of files from a user’s computer to the server.

Best website hosting in the UK

Move Ahead Media is a full service digital marketing agency that also offers full service website development. Hosting your website with us is a fully managed solution in which our team will take care of security updates and functional tweaks on a regular basis.

Some reasons to choose us:

  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • Rapid technical support (through your dedicated Move Ahead Media service agent)
  • A choice of data centres around the world
  • Full service website support (technical, SEO-related and content-related)
  • Free migration from your old webhost
  • Various packages, from shared to dedicated servers
  • Unlimited bandwidth, except in extreme cases
  • Free server management and software installation services

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