Let Google+ Local be your tool in helping your business become more visible!

Google+ Local is a free online platform created by Google for two main purposes: to help businesses increase online visibility and to assist people in finding businesses online that can provide them with their needs. It is more than just a directory, since it is a place where business owners interact with their clients.

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Google+ Local pages are for local businesses, such as gyms, driving schools, electricians, caterers, builders, and estate agents. Let’s say you are looking for photographers near you and on the Google search engine you type ‘photographers London’. Google would detect the local intent of your search and give you results that will include the following:

  • The business’s name, address, and contact number
  • A summary of the business
  • Its opening hours and location on map
  • Photos and videos related to the business
  • Reviews of the business submitted by clients
  • Link to their website

Google+ is fully integrated with Google Maps to help you find locations, ratings, and driving directions. Even as you travel, your location is tracked and you are shown places and facilities nearby that you are looking for.
It is a great way for businesses to connect with their customers. Its efficiency and accessibility has increased business connections as well as convenience for clients, potential or otherwise. It has also introduced the +1 button, which is similar to Facebook’s like button. Every time a page gain a +1, its rank will increase, making the business page show up sooner during searches.
Given these benefits, you probably want to know how to get your business on Google Maps. Here are tips you need to remember.

Dos and Don’ts of Google+ Local for Businesses

What businesses can do:

Make use of the URL of your homepage in your Google+ listing

In the initial set-up of your page, get on Google using the URL of your homepage for your Google+ local listing. With this, your business will easily show up in a regular Google search as well as in Google Maps. This is one way of making your business more visible in Google searches.

Integrate Google+ into your other websites

Aim to generate as many +1s as possible to help improve your SEO. A +1 can be compared to having someone endorse your product for you. Once a user gives your page a +1, your content will be exposed to their contacts. Incorporate Google local into your other websites and lead other people to your business’s page.

Be part of active communities

Know your biggest influencers and VIPs who take a strong interest in your company. Share information that these users post to create a mutual and beneficial relationship. Joining active communities and sharing content that interests the group will definitely help you. Content that is being shared is seen by everyone in their crowd, so share and be shared as well.

Have your page verified by Google

Companies may assume that Google automatically verifies them after they set up their page. It is a requirement for businesses to have their page verified with Google as the official page of that brand. Make sure you verify your page right away after signing up to protect your credibility.

What businesses must avoid:

Post heavy content on Google+ with no substance

Keep your content light and feel free to include humour and creativity to possibly increase the likability of your products. It is encouraged to post content that can be seen as humorous to viewers, so as not to make them feel like they are reading something strictly sales-related. Give information your viewers want and have fun while you are at it.

Create promotional offers and run contests through Google+

Attempting to do so can result in your business being removed, as this violates the terms of use. What you can do is to include external links instead of using Google+ for offers or contests.

How Move Ahead Media can help

Move Ahead Media has been assisting website owners with using Google Local by offering packages that include onsite optimisation, context language links, target page content, and more. The aim is to provide online businesses the opportunities to work with them to achieve top rankings in Google.