Google My Business Can Help Your Profit Grow

You may find yourself wondering “What is Google My Business and what does it have to do with me”? Actually, it has a lot to do with your website and how it can boost your ranking. It was introduced years back as a tool to manage promoted pages, especially for small businesses. Here, you can interact with customer reviews and improve your services to them. Conveniently, this is available for both desktop and mobile devices for on-the-go availability. It comes with benefits as well.

Good Reasons to Have a Google Business Account

    • Be visible on the map

While simply posting the address of your business is informative, having your exact location pinned on the map is more convenient. Not only will your clients know exactly where to find you, but they also get to have turn-by-turn directions on how to reach you.

office workplace with open apple macbook pro with google page

Being one of the biggest navigation tools, Google Map attracts millions of users worldwide and proves useful for Google Places optimisation. Therefore, being pinned on the map makes you accessible to customers, regardless of where they run a search. Aside from the pin, the details on your verified business profile will show up, together with your location to bring in more business to your doorstep.

    • Create a community on your page

Now that potential clients have direct access to your page, they can leave comments and star reviews regarding your products and services. You have the liberty to respond to them, be it for an enquiry or a casual Thank You.

To help explain what you can give to them, your Google Business page will provide details they want to know. This includes your available hours, contact details, and even your price lists or menu (if applicable). Also, you can add plug-ins, such as WordPress, for reviews to directly point to your profile. All these data add up together to bring good results.

    • Rise in search result rankings

Did you know that when you are listed in Google local business or add business to Google Maps you show up prominently in search results? As you have noticed, when you searched a place or business, a panel appears on the right side with brief details. With that, your other customers can easily spot you, giving you the exposure you need; even if they are not exactly looking for you and are only using keywords that relate to you. Additionally, with Google My Business, you also get connected with Google+. It is another underrated way to brighten your presence in the social media network.

Give these benefits, you should create your own My Business account. It is never too late to improve your traffic with a step that won’t break a sweat. Join other entrepreneurs and known agencies in this revolutionary method.

We here at Move Ahead Media has integrated Google My Business with our digital marketing services to provide high-quality products to all our clients in the SEO and Digital Media industry. Give us a call today for more information.