Get More Visibility for Your Business with Blogger Outreach!

What is Blogger Outreach?

Have you ever seen a blogger, YouTuber, or an internet personality promote a product in their blogs, videos, or social media posts? That is basically the effect of blogger outreach – companies reached out to them to implement promotional campaigns.

Bloggers, YouTubers, and the like are today’s tastemakers and trendsetters. They can easily make or break products and services on the market with their influence. Getting them to promote and market your product or service can genuinely help your business grow and is a crucial part of digital marketing.

As a business and website owner, you basically provide these bloggers with your product or service free of charge, or through a specific agreement involving an exchange of some manner. If they find the product to their liking and they agree to promote it on their platform, you will then continue compensating them with your products or with a fee. You can then enjoy the advantages of blogging without regularly churning the content out yourself.


How Can Bloggers and Influencers Help You Build Your Business?

Blogger outreach is a very modern way of marketing products and services. Here is why it is good for your business:

  • The process is economical – You need not spend thousands to start a marketing drive. Simply give the bloggers and influencers your products for free. Sometimes, influencers with a huge following will ask for a fee, but these charges are still reasonable compared to what you’ll have to spend if go down the TV advertisements route.
  • Influencers can directly speak to your target consumers – They make advertising a very personal experience; catching your target’s full attention and interest.
  • Internet personalities network easily – Influencers make a living by being social. They may pass around your product through word-of-mouth and put in a good word for you, as long as you remain in a sound business relationship with them.
  • Bloggers can open your product to a new market – They can expand your business to other types of clientele as not only one type of person frequents these bloggers’ or influencers’ platforms.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Getting a Blogger to Work for You

Bloggers and influencers are people, and people come in different personalities and types. Here’s the basics of what you need to do – and not do – when doing blogger outreach.


  • Find out what their content is about – You don’t ask a gaming blogger or a Let’s Player to promote your blog about health or a facial mask product, do you? Research and make sure that their content aligns with what you are actually trying to promote and market.
  • Personalize your messages – You can very often see a blogger’s personality through their posts and social media. Try and appeal to them by using the information on the internet and make your messages friendly and personal.
  • Compliment and praise them – Especially when they have marketed your product spectacularly. Not only does this motivate the blogger to keep promoting your product, but it also builds rapport between two business partners.

Do Not, At All

  • Send out copy/paste messages – Cold, mechanical messages will be easily disregarded by these bloggers or their PR team. Bloggers read through a huge number of emails and messages each day and can tell whether you have used copy/paste messages. They can also tell if you have only minimally tweaked a copy/paste email.
  • Demand positive reviews – Bloggers, or vloggers, maintain a level of authenticity in their posts. Compromising this authenticity is a big no-no for them and they might even try to ruin your business when you demand a positive review.
  • Expect it to be free – Always compensate influencers with your products or service, or with a fee. Unless they explicitly say that they will do it without compensation.

As you can see, blogger outreach has many advantages that your business can take advantage of. If, however, you don’t have the time to do this marketing approach but are still interested to try it out, we here at Move Ahead Media can be of assistance.

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