What Adwords Is and How You Can Boost Your Web Traffic with This Amazing Tool

Adwords is Google’s own advertising service where brief advertisements are shown to web users to help businesses get more traffic on their website. Through the use of Adwords, a company can make relevant ads using the keywords that people use whenever they search the web through Google search engine. Google ads are short and consist usually of one headline with 25 characters.

google adwords logo

With the help of Adwords, businesses become more visible while attracting more clients. They can use their ads locally or globally by targeting particular cities, regions or countries. This tool is an efficient way to draw highly targeted traffic to your websites in a quicker timeframe compared to other online marketing campaigns.

The cost involved with GoogleAdwords is also far smaller than what businesses spend on other advertising channels. What’s more, payments are only done once a person clicks an ad to visit a website. So the more attractive your ad, the more clicks you get. Once you advertise with Adwords, you are investing in your business as well.

Companies can get a hold of prospective online clients by advertising with Google Adwords. Website owners should know what they can do in order to make their ads effective in drawing attention from their target audience. You want to ensure that your page is found by people who need what your business offers.

Here are some Dos and Don’ts that can help you optimise your Adwords account:

  • Do research on which keywords are relevant to your products or services. You can use Google’s Keyword Tool to help you in this process. It will provide a list of keywords to use for your product, service, and landing pages.
  • Do see that your ads are well-crafted and thought of to help you attract the right viewers. Think of ways on how to making it look more enticing, so people would want to know more about it.
  • Do make sure that the ads direct users to the right landing page. People want to see information that they need. If they don’t, they will leave the site faster than you can say out.
  • Do draw your guests back to your website with the use of re-targeted ads. This means you can make use of catchy ads appropriate for the user, once they leave your website.
  • Do utilise Conversion Tracking in order to see whether a customer called your business, purchased a product, or downloaded an app. The tool helps you see what your return on investment is for each ad and keyword. You will also know which traffic sources are the most valuable with the help of this tool.

Now, what are the things you shouldn’t do?

  • Don’t send all the traffic to your website’s home page. Lead your customers to the page where they can actually find the specific information that they need.
  • Don’t take for granted the effect of your landing page. Create one that is original and beneficial for your target viewers. List the results you need to attain from your landing page and tie your marketing plans to your business objectives.
  • Don’t focus too much on keyword popularity. Keep in mind that the abundance of popular keywords does not necessarily enhance your page. Focus on relevant words that you are sure your prospective clients will use during their searches.

If you are planning to use Adwords, it is essential that you carefully plan what you want and what you can do. Know who your target market is, what makes your business unique, how much website traffic you need, and start from there. The clearer you know what you want to achieve, the better you can plan out an Adwords campaign. You should take advantage of onsite SEO services as well.

How Move Ahead Media can help

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