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For its scalability, security, reliability and ease to work with as a marketing platform, moveaheadmedia.co.uk suggests using WordPress – especially for for content-driven sites.

WordPress was founded in 2003. By 2016, it grew to the point of becoming the the most popular content management software on the market, with a 58% market share.

Here are some reasons why WordPress web development is a wise choice, especially for companies wanting to switch over from an inferior content management platform:

  1. Ease of use: even for WordPress beginners, it is very easy to add new pages, blog posts and rich media. With some instruction, beginners could even be taught how to modify their own design.
  2. Great for search engines: WordPress’ clean and simple code makes it easy for search engines to comprehend site’s structure and index its content. Each page can be optimised for specific keywords, which allows for search engine optimisation at a very precise level.
  3. Client retains control: using WordPress, there is no need to wait for a professional WordPress designer to make updates to your site. Users have simple controls over almost every aspect of a site.
  4. Customisable design: the look and feel of a custom WordPress design can easily be modified, allowing clients to tailor their message precisely per the needs of their brand and users.
  5. Easy to extend: sites needing functions beyond what the WordPress core offers can do so through the use of a massive library of free and commercial plugins.
  6. Easy to update: WordPress comes with a built-in updater that allows for easily updating the code plugins and themes (updates in WordPress are frequent and robust). There are also many methods for easily generating full site backups, in case of emergencies.

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Types of Sites WordPress is Suited For

Although WordPress started as a blogging platform, it has developed over the years (via a staggering number of plugins and themes) into a platform that can be used to produce a wide variety of website types. Two popular examples:

  • eCommerce sites: Woocommerce is a free WordPress plugin that offers powerful eCommerce features out of the box (it powers 39% of all online stores in the world). Beyond its core eCommerce functions, its download library contains hundreds of free and commercial extensions that cover all imaginable types of logistical and technical requirements.
  • Membership websites: using plugins, WordPress can easily be set up to sell subscriptions or promote paid digital services. Membership plugins allow sites to add multiple users with different permissions, such as administrators, editors, writers and subscribers.

Why Hire WordPress Experts?

WordPress is free and easy to learn right out of the box. So why hire WordPress developers in the UK experts to do it?

Often, the transition of ideas from a client’s brain onto a computer screen can be a tricky one. For complex functionality, precise user flows and sharp results, why not focus on running your business, rather than wrestling with a website?

Move Ahead Media’s WordPress sites are designed to keep the customer in the loop. This means that the client is free to manage their site moving forward, after our initial build. Alternatively, we also offer a number of website hosting, maintenance and content expansion packages that are low-cost and highly effective.

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