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Although is first and foremost a digital marketing agency, we have established a full-fledged web design studio to help with a far-too common issue.

Many of our clients pay thousands of dollars for intricate designs – which then need additional investment to optimise for marketing. optimising professionally designed websites for SEO

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Limits of Design Agencies

It is amazing that in this day and age, design agencies without a core understanding of SEO, CRO, PPC and big data analytics are still able to change thousands of dollars for intricate designs that are not designed with marketing goals in mind. If a firm is charging thousands of dollars without a marketing plan at the core of the design strategy, it’s a huge read flag.

Limits of a Custom-coded CMS

For purposes of scalability and out-of-the-box marketing readiness, often uses WordPress for content-driven sites. WordPress is free, easy to set up, and comes with regular security updates. What’s more, WordPress is used by millions of people. This means that getting help does not only tie you to one developer, but hundreds of thousands of them.

If an agency pitches a custom CMS build for your company website, be warned that you will be tied to this agency for life. For example, internet security and new vulnerabilities get patched quickly (and automatically) in WordPress – a custom CMS will need to have security updates manually coded.

In addition, websites are built with client freedom in mind. While custom designs generally need the designer’s help to make modifications, WordPress is easy to learn and easy for users to manage on their own.

Benefits of a Marketing Agency Design

Because’s strength is as a digital marketing agency, our designs are built with long-term marketing goals in mind.

Move Ahead Media utilises its wealth of experience in working with hundreds of clients to design websites and corporate branding to maximise conversion rates from successful internet marketing.

We offer a range of services for brochure sites, cms websites to ecommerce sites to suit all client needs. Take a look at our portfolio and contact us today for a consultation on your business needs and a quotation.

Web Design Workflow

Here is a broad outline of how a typical website build unfolds:

  1. Client consultation: a Move Ahead Media representative will meet with you to learn about your project’s goals, budget, target markets, resources and desired outcomes. This process is brief, pleasant and casual.
  2. Planning: for new sites, our SEO team will map out an Information Architecture and content plan that defines sections and pages, making clear their intended user flow, and also their relationship with other pages.
  3. Design: this process starts with a rough sketch (based on the client’s ideas or else competitor websites). Once approved, the sketch comes together in a matter of days for a working framework. At that point, the client will enjoy pondering over several choices (color palettes, fonts, imagery, layouts) that will get boiled down through back-and-forth exchange until the right formula is achieved.
  4. Deployment: once the design is finalised, the content gaps get filled in, some fine-tuning takes place, and then the site is connected to Google Search Console and Analytics to begin optimising based on real user data.

Once the site is live, the real fun begins. As the site will have been created by Move Ahead Media, it will already be optimised for SEO, social media marketing, pay per click marketing and much more.

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