What Are Google Reviews?

Do you know that 90% of the customer’s buying influence are from online reviews? In today’s internet-centric age, people search for reviews or blogs about a certain product or service before they buy or hire something. Why? Consumers say that it has a great impact on their buying decision, because it helps them decide easily and effectively.

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Reviews on Google can shape up small enterprises by providing valuable information about your business and its customers. Why is it useful? Online reviews give potential customers the opportunity to gain information about your product or service before they step inside the store or make an online transaction.

Online Reviews Feedback Comment Suggestion Concept

The purpose of having a review is mainly to attract potential customers to your business. Does this company provide good quality service? Do they have this kind of merchandise and service that other companies don’t have? These are the typical questions from consumers and it is your job to fulfil their wants and needs.

Google reviews are important for both entrepreneurs and consumers for a number of reasons, and here’s why:

  • People determine a business’ product and services’ quality by looking at reliable online reviews.
  • It is the most convenient way to get comprehensive information and help with future purchasing decisions.
  • Help entrepreneurs improve and develop their services and products, especially after they remove bad reviews.

Online reviews may still carry weight even when they are written with bias and by unreliable sources. To make sure you deliver an accurate review here’s a short list to do’s and don’ts:

For Business owners:
Don’t offer promotional products and services in exchange for positive reviews.
Do improve your services and products by accepting reviews from customers.
Don’t react negatively to bad reviews.
Do take online reviews seriously and respond in a courteous and professional manner.
Don’t shy away from negative reviews. Instead, respond with courtesy and you’ll feel right when you remove reviews from Google.
Do improve products and services based on accurate reviews, especially when they are negative.

For customers:
Don’t accept products from companies in exchange for writing good reviews.
Do write an honest experience for them so they can learn from it.
Don’t post fake reviews for companies.
Do be sincere and respectful when you write a review, even if you don’t have a good experience.

To maintain and successfully manage customer reviews online, here’s a few tips and tricks to get you by:

Make your business presence known on the web.

No matter how good your product or service is, without a good marketing strategy, you will never find potential customers to acknowledge your business. Encourage customers to make a review for your company by engaging them in the online world. They will eventually get accustomed to sharing their thoughts and experiences about your product.

Respond quickly to reviews, be it negative or positive.

A company has their fair share of negative reviews and it can be disheartening for entrepreneurs. But despite their reaction, you have to quickly respond to their queries. Why? The key to building a connection with these types of customers is to analyse and solve the problem. Also, respond to positive reviews to let customers know that you appreciate their compliments.

Keep the ball of reviews rolling.

Since the review ball is rolling along, don’t stop its momentum. Aim to monitor and respond to them as needed. Managing reviews can be hard and time-consuming, but a quick fix from Move Ahead Media will help you get more Google Reviews for your website.

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